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Making the Best Use of Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor post lights, commonly known as “street lights”, have been in use since the ancient Greek and Roman periods. Over time, they evolved from simple candles on posts, to gas, to electric. As the years go by, more focus is placed on ambience, followed by the design of the lamp . . . Read more

Basic Uses of a Semi-flush

Today’s semi flushes have better illumination capabilities compared to the previous generation. This alone sets the tone for style in any room of your choosing. These valuable light fixtures usually range between 6 to 21 inches, while the drop down space between the floor and the ceiling is generally 8 . . . Read more

Useful Tips in Decorating with Mirrors

Basically, a mirror reflects light in such a way that the reflected light preserves many or most of the detailed physical characteristics of the original light. Mirrors are commonly used for personal grooming or for looking at yourself. Vanity mirrors, especially, are usually crafted with distinct shapes that not only . . . Read more

Proper Lighting with Desk Lamps

Desk lamps have always helped people in their daily tasks, whether its doing work, provide comfortable lighting or accentuate a room. Modern lighting comes in a range of styles to suit any home and work environment. Choosing the right lamp with a flexible arm and head to direct light exactly . . . Read more