Elegant Lighting

Elegant Lighting

Elegant Lighting is a prominent designer, manufacturer and distributor of stylish crystal chandeliers and other lighting items. For more than a decade, the company focuses on providing lighting creations that go well with the interior designs of the house. With its headquarters in Philadelphia, they have been producing innovative designs for crystal chandeliers and other lighting products.

Its perkiness in the lighting industry is caused by the sheer perfection of high quality of each product they sold in the market. Elegant Lighting has been in the lighting industry for more than a decade. Since its establishment, the company gives its all out effort in bringing out inventive crystal lighting ideals. They make it sure that they look each stage of production in order to ensure quality on the lighting devices sold to consumers. Each of its beautiful pieces will certainly give grace to any kind of home interior.

RC = Royal Cut, a combination of high quality lead free machine cut and machine polished crystals & full-lead machined-cut crystals to meet a desirable showmanship of an authentic elegant crystal chandelier.

EC = Elegant Cut, Elegant Cut Crystal consist 30% of high quality full-lead machine-cut elegant crystal that is above industry standards.

SA = SPECTRA®CRYSTAL, reliable elegant crystal quality by SWAROVSKI

SS = Swarovski® ELEMENTS, Formerly branded as Swarovski®Strass. An exercise in technical perfection, Swarovski® ELEMENTS crystal meets all standards of perfection, possessing lead oxide in excess of 33%.

Chandeliers 2490 products

Floor Lamps 89 products

Pendants 1168 products

Wall Sconces 556 products

Semi Flush 1 products

Table Lamps 185 products

Bath Lighting 62 products

Wall Lantern 38 products

Mirrors 166 products

Flush Mounts 470 products

Furniture 73 products

Chairs 10 products

Tables 15 products

Close Out 39 products

Light Bulbs 31 products

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